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Please, don't buy recasts


For a long time I’ve been hesitant to write this post, because I don’t want it to come across as a cry for sympathy. And I don’t want to wage war on paper.
When talking about recasting, I could of course point fingers and say how the recast community has changed from “target only the big boys”…

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It is antique porcelain doll I found in second-hand market long time ago. Finally we found time to work with her ^_^
I have no idea what kind of doll she is, and could not find any info about her.
She was rather badly damaged, I resculpted her face a little (added nose and eyelids) and repainted her face. Her right  hand was restored too, there was no fingers on it. She has a new cloth body too, because the old was falling apart.
So we decided to name her Greta and she will be a good addition to our doll family now =)

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Savva Brodsky

a Soviet artist, book illustrator, architect, 
sculptor and poet

Shakespeare graphics

I have this book. My grandmother was friends with the illustrator’s wife, she had it signed for her.

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The Actual Scale of (Some) Korean BJD Companies.


TLDR: Bolded parts.

I noticed a post going around on my dash this morning regarding the recast debate. Now, that’s not something I want to get into since I’ve already made my stance clear both on/offline. (I’m anti-recast/pro-artist for anyone who cares).

The point of this…

I hope some recast-lovers will read this and finally understand who they are stealing from. This is not some big fat companies they think will not suffer the lack of orders, but small private workshops.